“Sport”: increase the mass turnout of AFC Champions League matches to 100%

The Ministry of Sport announced that, based on the approval of the authorities interested in following the developments of the Corona virus, it was decided to increase the capacity of mass participation to 100% in the quarter-final matches of the 2021 AFC Champions League for the teams from Western Continent, which the Kingdom will host next Saturday in the capital, Riyadh.

The ministry explained that mass participation in these matches is limited to sports enthusiasts (over 12 years old), who have completed obtaining (two doses) of the Corona vaccine approved by the Ministry of Health, according to what emerges in the case of the fans on the “We Trust” application, with the importance of the commitment of all fans in the application of the Precautionary measures, provided that the authorities concerned follow the implementation of the same and take the necessary actions in case in which violations are detected, in order to preserve the safety of all.

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