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Spotted in Istanbul … Has the new ISIS leader been arrested?


Despite the mystery surrounding the identity of the new ISIS leader since the killing of former leader Abdullah Qardash, nicknamed Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurashi, information reported today Thursday that the head of the organization is was arrested after monitoring and tracing operations in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to the Bloomberg agency, senior Turkish officials confirmed that the security forces have arrested the new leader of ISIS, nicknamed “Abu al-Hassan al-Quraishi”. in a raid in Istanbul.

After looking at his home

Officials, who asked for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, said counter-terrorism and intelligence agents arrested a man who was likely leading ISIS after Qardash was killed in Idlib, northwest of the country. Syria, last February (2022).

They also explained that the arrest was made after monitoring the home in he was standing, noting that he did not fire during the raid.

Furthermore, they indicated that Ankara will announce the details of the operation in the coming days.

Bashar Al-Sumaidaie

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath information previously reported that the new leader of ISIS was named Bashar Al-Sumaida’i (Bashar Khattab Ghazal Al-Sumaida’i), but was called “Haji Zaid” and “Abu Al -Moez Al -Iraqi ”, in addition to Abu Al-Hassan Al-Quraishi.

He also indicated that in 2019 he held the position of ISIS general judge and emir of the organization’s general Sharia committee.

Before joining the terrorist organization, he lived in the Iraqi city of Mosul and worked as a clerk in the Nineveh Electricity Directorate.

Furthermore, it was reported that he was targeted in an air strike in 2018 inarea Syrian from Hajin, and was wounded in that moment, but in followed disappeared, and then was seen in 2019 in thearea of Al-Dana in the Idlib countryside!

Interestingly, former ISIS leader Abdullah Qardash was killed in thearea Atma of Idlib, in Syria, at dawn on February 3, following an American landing operation, after hiding with his family, without the knowledge of the residents next to the building in where he resided.

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