Squeezie Takes on the Discomfort of ‘Zen’ at the Zenith: Grand Finale to Season 2 Featuring France’s Top YouTuber

The Zen Show Welcomes Squeezie for Season 2 Finale

The Zen show is going to offer itself a hell of a guest, in a hell of a roomfor the final of its season 2! In effect, Squeezie will be received in the show organized at the Zénith de Paris in a few weeks.

Squeezie received in Zen at the Zenith

Maxime Biaggi announced in a video posted on Twitter an exceptional show to close season 2 of son show Zenin which he collaborates with Grimkujow and son crew technique. In fact, the show will take place live from the Zénith de Paris, in front of more than 5,000 spectators present in the room, and probably more than 100,000 viewers on Twitch. For this grand moment, the program receives a guest of the most prestigious: the Number 1 YouTuber in France and one of the most followed Internet personalities, Squeezie. For this final show of the season, let’s also mention the presence of Bezigue, Ben Haddad, and Théorus.

Zen, a phenomenon launched in 2021, which exploded in 2022

As a reminder, Zen was launched in 2021 on Maxime Biaggi’s channel. The show mixes some late-codesshow American with a ton very marked by the French YouTube. Above all, the show does not hesitate to stage its hosts and their guests. We regularly see very satirical sequences where theon mocks sensationalism and provocative some TV showssometimes putting the guest very uncomfortable (they obviously play it, they are warned, except those who ask not to know anything about what is planned in the show). What to create sequences that have already become cult among the community of viewers of the show, which is growing exponentially.

The opportunity to talk about the GP Explorer 2

This time, so it’s Squeezie who will strive to “survive” the discomfort of Zenin front of thousands of people on the Zenith stage. The YouTuber will also have an event to promote, since he organizes the GP Explorer 2 next September. An event in which Maxime Biaggi will be one of the pilotsin pairs in son stable with the streamer specialized in simracing and sports automobile AnaOnAir. As for Zen au Zénith, the show will take place on June 26 from 8 p.m. on Maxime Biaggi’s Twitch channel. There, on advises you not to delay if you wish to attend, as the 5,000 places could sell out quickly. They are offered between 15 and 50 euros.

Zen at the Zenith, it’s June 26 at 8 p.m. on Twitch.

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