Sri Lankan cricketers tour England without a contract; more Discussions with SLC after the series

The cricketers resisted die Contracts shown die were, in their opinion, opaque and not adequately compensated senior players.

“This is die Transparency, die players had asked from the start, “quoted ESPNcricinfo die players“Said lawyer Nishan Premathiratne.

“You will be play this tour without signing a contract. You signed a voluntary declaration, but there is nothing to it player Compensation. You have always advocated it playing for Sri Lanka “, he added.

According to a report in ESPNcricinfo, performance and fitness are die two key Criteria, die 70 percent make up of a player’s overall grade after new proposed scheme. And 10 percent each for Leadership, professionalism and future Potential / adaptation.

Previously, 38 Sri Lankan cricketers had signed a declaration in that they refused sign die Tour contracts and it’s an increase of 24 players who had before made their resistance to die new to plan.

Sri Lanka will go for England on Tuesday (June 8th) and will die Lock horns in three T20Is and three ODIs, starting June 23.

Break yourself news Warnings.

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