Stabbing of an Israeli tourist at the Rome train station

A video that appeared on media Italians and Israelis, of a young man following an Israeli tourist, and when he reaches for the automatic ticket machine in a station known as Rome’s central Termini, to buy one with which to take the train at the airport back to Tel Aviv, he pounced on her with a knife and stabbed her in the stomach and back, then fled. only she was 24, and she was carrying a red backpack on her shoulders, while the head of the stabber was covered by a black hat, and he had in handed a blue nylon bag, and caught up with her at 9:45pm last Saturday, wrapped his arm around her neck from behind as she was buying the ticket, then stabbed her in the upper stomach and sideways back. An ambulance soon arrived and the stabbed person was taken in a hospital, whose doctors have found that “his condition is quite critical, due to a small rupture in the liver, and the same in the lung, but in less serious way, which makes his condition stable”.

It was reported that the police are currently examining what was filmed by the station’s internal surveillance camera, as well as reports from eyewitnesses, noting that no statement has been released so far by any official Israeli party.