Star Fox 2, Super Punch-Out !! Come to the Nintendo Switch Online December 12th

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will receive six more NES and Super NES classics next week, including Star Fox 2, the canceled Star Fox sequel, which celebrated its official debut in 2017 in the Super NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo Switch Online also includes the SNES games Super Punch-Out !!, Breath of Fire 2 and Kirby Super Star; as well as NES games Chrystalis and Journey to Silius.

All six games will be available through Nintendo Switch Online on December 12th. These titles increase the number of classic NES and SNES games that can be played via Nintendo Switch Online to 74.

A 12-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online costs $ 19.99. You can also subscribe for $ 3.99 for one month or $ 7.99 for three months. If you subscribe to the Nintendo service, you can play online games like Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Arms. Nintendo offers a growing selection of classic games.

If you are unfamiliar with the upcoming 8-bit and 16-bit titles that will be released later this month on Nintendo Switch Online, here are the official descriptions of each Nintendo title (or you can see the trailer above see in this post):

Star Fox 2 – This 3D rail shooter and second part of the Star Fox series was first developed for the Super NES, but was released in 2017 for the Super Nintendo entertainment system: Super NES Classic Edition. This time, Emperor Andross is on a crusade to conquer the Lylat system and the Star Fox team itself. After a long wait, Star Fox is back in action.

Great punch-out !! With the tight gameplay and humor that the series is known for, Little Mac returns to the ring in this sequel to the NES classic with the World Video Boxing Association’s retumed belt.

Kirby Super Star – This dreadful King Dedede is back – he stole all food in Dreamland. It’s up to Kirby to get it back and ultimately save Popstar from being taken over. It’s never boring when Kirby flies, flies and fights!

Breath of Fire II – 500 years after the original, take on the role of Ryu, the last member of the Dragon Clan. A group of unusual and exciting companions will accompany you on your adventures through a wondrous land full of magic and secrets.

Crystalis – An epic story for action RPG fans is ready to unfold. In a world in which civilization is in ruins, the young protagonist awakens from the cryogenic sleep and the adventure begins. Collect the Sword of the Wind and venture into the unknown.

Journey to Silius – Join Jay on his escape and weapons mission to defeat the mechanical army responsible for his father’s death. Defeat endless waves of attack robots and fulfill his father’s dream of developing a space colony in the Silius Solar System.

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