Star-Lord Makes his Official Debut, as a Marvel Cinematic Universe Hero Assumes the Mantle of Peter Quill

Marvel’s Newest Star-Lord is a Quacking Surprise!

The Marvel Universe has seen its fair share of unexpected twists and turns over the years, but the unexpected debut of a new Star-Lord in a recent Marvel issue has definitely turned some heads. As the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord has faced off against cosmic threats like Ego and the High Evolutionary, and has always made time to help those in need. However, a recent issue of Marvel has introduced a very different version of Star-Lord, one that nobody saw coming.

A Fresh Face in the Guard

As the newest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the new Star-Lord has certainly raised some eyebrows among fans. Making his debut with a playful jab about the camera adding pounds and removing feathers, this new Star-Lord is none other than the one and only Howard the Duck. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will remember Howard the Duck from a post-credits scene in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Now, as part of the character’s 50th anniversary, Marvel is releasing a series of “What If…?” alternate universe stories featuring Howard in unexpected and hilarious scenarios.

Celebrating the Character’s Legacy

In celebration of Howard the Duck’s 50th anniversary, Marvel has enlisted a talented roster of writers and artists to pay tribute to this unique character. From well-known names like Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones to emerging talents like Merritt K and Will Robson, a diverse group of creatives have come together to showcase the many facets of Howard’s legacy. With stories exploring alternate realities, team-ups with other Marvel heroes, and even a presidential campaign, these stories are a testament to Howard’s enduring appeal.

A Pioneer in Satirical Comics

Since his introduction in Adventure Into Fear #19 in 1973, Howard the Duck has been a pioneer in satirical mainstream comics. With powers like Martial Art Quak-Fu and Iron Duck armor, Howard may not fit the traditional superhero mold, but his sharp wit and unique perspective have made him a beloved figure in the Marvel Universe. Over the years, Howard has faced off against parody monsters, broken the fourth wall, and created countless Easter eggs for astute fans.

Celebrate Howard the Duck’s Legacy

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Howard the Duck or new to the character, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of this unconventional Marvel hero. With a new Marvel issue hitting shelves on November 29th, fans can look forward to more wacky adventures from Howard and the Guardians of the Galaxy. So, don’t miss out on this milestone celebration of a character who has continued to surprise and delight fans for five decades and counting.

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