Star reveals how Mary Steenburgen went above and beyond to ensure comfort on set

Mary Steenburgen Goes the Extra Mile to Make Co-Star Grace Truly Feel Comfortable on Set

Grace Truly has recently made her feature film debut in “Book Club: The Next Chapter”. Despite being nervous about acting alongside Hollywood legends such as Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, Truly revealed that the veteran all-star cast was kind enough to help her out. Among all of them, Mary Steenburgen was the one who went the extra mile to make her feel better.

Truly recounted how “the first line I had to speak was the first scene shot that day and it was with all four of them! I stumbled on my words and it was the first time it’s ever happened! It just had to happen then in front of them, which makes sense because it was so nerve-wracking!” Thankfully, they did not make her feel bad. Instead, the whole cast made her feel at ease and even praised her for her work.

Steenburgen, in particular, acted like a mother figure to the newcomer. She made sure to make Truly feel comfortable and went out of her way to make her feel better. Steenburgen even joked that the mistake was her fault when Truly stumbled on her lines, making the newcomer feel less embarrassed about the incident. Truly shared that they all took the time to talk to her and said that it was a pleasure to work with her.

Furthermore, Truly praised the cast’s work ethic and professionalism. She revealed that Fonda had to wear a wig and had to try on all wedding dresses in boiling weather while shooting in Italy but didn’t complain once. Truly added that it was inspiring to be around people who work so hard without complaining.

Truly plays the role of a fashion designer’s assistant when Vivian, Fonda’s character in the movie, searches for her perfect wedding dress in Rome. “Book Club: The Next Chapter” is a sequel to the hit 2018 film “Book Club”, which centered around the four stars as they read the steamy book Fifty Shades of Grey.

The premiere of “Book Club: The Next Chapter” took place last week in New York, where the four Hollywood legends looked incredible. Fonda wowed in a shimmering black suit, Keaton rocked her signature flat-brimmed hat and a quirky striped dress, Steenburgen rocked a vibrant floral gown, while Bergen looked elegant in a cloud-colored blazer and smart trousers.

“Book Club: The Next Chapter” was released last week in theaters, and critics have praised it for being a delightful romp with excellent performances from its all-star cast.

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