Starlight: Bethesda Reveals Short Term Plans for Updates and Improvements


Today, it is no longer enough to launch a game commercially; we must continue to provide it with regular updates in order to provide it with content and improve elements. Recently released, Bethesda’s RPG which offers the player to complete multiple quests in the cosmos is no exception to the rule. While we know that a first DLC entitled “Shattered Space” will arrive in 2024, we learn a little more about the intentions from the publisher regarding the changes to come in the short term. In a message posted on Twitter/X, Bethesda thanks players for their support. “We are absolutely blown away by the reactions and everything you love about the game” can-on read. “We also read all your comments on what you would like to see improved or added to the game. This is a game we will support for years and years, so please keep your feedback coming”.

If for the moment Bethesda says it is focusing its efforts on eliminating bugs and stability issues, the group also says it is doing everything it can to improve the player’s quality of life by adding features. The group also discussed the upcoming arrival of maps for cities. As we write these lines, an update is available (2.6 GB on Xbox Series “After that, expect a regular interval of updates containing the most requested features from the community” promises Bethesda, including brightness and contrast controls, an HDR calibration menu, an FOV slider, support for Nvidia DLSS and 32:9 monitors (on PC), and a button to eat food directly instead than store it.

head in the stars

Officially released on September 6, 2023, Starfield has exceeded 6 million players a few hours later its arrival, making this RPG the biggest launch of a Bethesda game. The software quickly established itself at the premiere place of physics game sales in the United Kingdom. According to GfK, during the week Starfield was available, Xbox sales in the UK jumped 76%. These figures also coincide with the release of the new Xbox Series S model.

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