Starting a training program to qualify the administrators of the team

The program for the preparation and qualification of the administrators of the prime football teams and Sunni groups, which will take place in the period 7-16 November, under the aegis of the Technical Committee of the Saudi Federation, and is dedicated to the club of the Eastern Province, Al-Ahsa and Al-Qatif.

The program includes numerous lectures, which will address all aspects related to the qualification of the administrators of team.

During the lessons, which will be supervised by a member of the technical committee of the Saudi Federation, Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi, the laws, regulations and regulations, the office and field duties of the administrator, his relationship with the various devices of the football team, the mental health of the players, the self-development skills and the effective communication and other issues.

Numerous teachers will participate in the program, led by: President of the Competition Committee of the Saudi Federation, Naim Al-Bakr, President of the Technical Committee, Turki Al-Sultan, and member of the Technical Committee, Ali Al-Ghamdi.

Interestingly, this course will be held in all regions of the Kingdom.

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