Starting today, the Twitter authentication tag can be repurchased

Twitter is trying again to launch its “blue check” service, a month after a previous attempt failed.

Twitter said it will allow users to purchase subscriptions to the “Blue Twitter” service to get a blue checkmark and access special features, starting today, Monday.

The blue check was originally awarded to companies, celebrities, government agencies and journalists who were verified by the platform.

And after Elon Musk bought the platform for $44 billion last October, he launched a service that gives away blue verification to anyone for $8 a month. But it was inundated with fraudulent accounts, including ones impersonating Musk, Tesla and SpaceX, so Twitter suspended the service just days after it launched.

The relaunched service will cost $8 a month for Web users and $11 a month for iPhone users.

And Twitter says subscribers to this service will see fewer ads and be able to post longer video clips and better highlight their tweets.

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