State issues cease, $207,000 fine for widely used COVID test provider

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The state health department has ordered Embry Health to shut down met conducting COVID tests in Hawaii – including Kahala Mall and several parks – because it isn’t over the right authorizations of approvals to do so.

The company was also $207,000 fine ― $1,000 for every day it worked in the state.

The enforcement action comes after weeks of discussions with the provider, die performed tests up to Friday and said it was going to fight resume operations.

DOH meanwhile says there was no evidence that the tests were setting anyone Bee risk.

It bureau said: people who tested via Embry Health should contact met their doctor for guidance on of she should search tests via another provider.

The company reports the results of the 4,200 tests die carried it out to the state.

Embry Health has been operating COVID test collection depots on Oahu and Hawaii Island, including Kahala Mall, Kaimana Beach Hotel, Mauna Kea Beach Resort, the Patsy T. Mink Central Oahu Regional Park, and Wahiawa and Waipahu District Parks.

The website in Kahala Mall now has a handwritten sign on the door announces people that it was closed.

The company, based on in Phoenix, launched in Hawaii in September and sent copies to a out-of-state lab. After learning that Embry Health was conducting tests, the state said made repeated attempts to work with the company to obtain the necessary certification of to get approval.

But on October 19, Embry Health withdrew its application in for certification.

“Quite out of the blue they sent us an email stating that they wanted their application as a collection depot in to pull. It took us a bit by surprise,” said Keith Ridley, of the health service.

Raymond Embry, CEO of the company, blame the certification issues on “extremely confusing” regulations in Hawaii. “U.S organization is a organization of caregivers,” he says.

“We need until ensure every person has that access until zero cost, safe, reliable COVID-19 testing. That’s what our mission goes all the way over and we will do everything possible to get operations reopened in Hawaii as soon if possible.”

The city Embry Health had invited in to operate parks because: of a high need for testing, but has since revoked their licenses.

“It’s hugely disappointing that Embry Health didn’t” follow by means of on his end of the permit and comply with the department of Hawaii of Health regulations,” said Hiro Toiya, director of the city department of Crisis management.

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The Department of Health said both the collection depots and the labs are regulated by state and federal laws. State said Embry Health can’t reopen in Hawaii until it gets the proper certifications.

“Testing is an important tool in U.S fight against the pandemic,” said health director Dr. Libby Char, in An news Edition. “It is critical that all persons die search tests in Hawaii can rely on the results they receive.”

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