State tests of a new Russian missile ship have begun

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of the stage of state naval tests of a new missile ship being developed for the army.

“Recently, the stage of state sea trials of the Mercury ship, which is being developed as part of the Russian Government’s project 20380, has begun,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement added: “In the naval basins of the Baltic Fleet, specialists, the crew of the ship and members of government commissions will conduct maneuvers and check the ability of the ship to move at high speed, as well as check the mechanism of operation of weapons, navigation aids. equipment and all systems in it. After completion of the tests, specialists will check the condition of the ship’s equipment. The relevant committees will review the reports for any amendments, if any, after which the Mercury will be prepared for delivery to the Russian fleet.

And Mercury is the fifth missile ship to be developed at the Russian Severnaya Shipyard in the interests of the country’s army as part of the Russian government’s project 20380. Work on the construction of this ship began in 2015, and its mooring trials began last year. .

This ship has a length of 100 m, a displacement of 2220 tons and can travel 4000 miles per flight, in addition, it is armed with Russian Uran anti-ship missiles, Redut air defense systems, 100-mm cannons, light and medium machine guns and launchers, anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedoes, as well as equipped with platforms for transporting multi-purpose helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia