STC and ‘Shreek’ Program to Connect Saudi Arabia via Submarine Cables

Saudi Telecom Group “STC” has signed an agreement with the “Shreek” program (Private Sector Partnership Enhancement Program Center), to strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a digital center and trusted destination for data traffic in the region. it also signed an agreement with the Ministry of Investments for the EMC submarine cable project.

The submarine cable project confirms the Kingdom’s position as a leading digital hub and will encourage greater investment in communications, information technology and cloud computing.

It will work to keep up with the expected growth in data traffic and ensure the smooth supply of digital data in worldwide, according to the Saudi Press Agency, SPA.

It also offers unconventional routes, which increase the performance efficiency and reliability of international cables, in particular in which the “STC” group has invested, for what represents the strategic position of the Kingdom.

The submarine cable (EMC) is part of the region’s digital transformation strategic plan and establishes Saudi Arabia’s position on the map of digitally developed countries, in how it facilitates the flow of data regionally and globally by leveraging the advanced digital framework of the “STC” group.

The group seeks to help attract global investment such as cloud service providers and content delivery networks that help enable the Kingdom’s digital goals in various sectors, in addition to content localization, which increases the use of the basic infrastructure, increases the quality of the Internet services provided and guarantees continuous data connectivity, which will positively reflect on the experience of the beneficiaries of the services, as well as guaranteeing operational continuity as a further attraction for development and foreign investment through a new diversification of the routes of the submarine cables that connect the Kingdom to the European continent.

Interestingly, the partner program “Partnership Enhancement Program Center with the Private Sector” offers a variety of new investment opportunities in various industries, including the communications and information technology industry, and support varies to serve all businesses to accelerate local investment.

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