stc invests 1 billion dollars in submarine cables and data centers

The Leap Tech Conference in Riyadh witnessed the announcement of stc to invest 1 billion dollars in submarine cables and data centers.

Last November, stc Saudi Arabia revealed the third phase of the data center project, which is the largest data center project in the region, following the completion of the first and second phases.

stc said the new phase aims to expand space and capacity and accelerate the achievement of digital transformation goals in the Kingdom. It also provides world-class seamless data distribution with energy optimization solutions that align with the Green Saudi Initiative’s goals for environmental sustainability.

The third phase of the enhanced data center is a planned IT power with a maximum capacity of 125 MW, with a dedicated floor area of ​​over 180,000 square meters.

Stc data centers consist of 16 data centers, including 17,000 storage units, serving 8 distributed parallel sites in 6 cities, making this project the largest data center construction program in the region.

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