Steam Black Friday 2021: When is the Steam Autumn sale? When is next Steam sale?

Steam Black Friday sale - When is the next Steam sale? When is the Steam Autumn sale?

Steam Black Friday sale – When is the next Steam sale? When is the Steam Autumn sale? (Image: VALVE)

The next Steam Sale is just around the corner, and there’s going to be plenty of money-saving opportunities for fans of the biggest franchises.

The Steam Black Friday 2021 Sale – known as the Steam Autumn Sale 0 will launch this week with fresh deals and other addons.

Valve typically doesn’t announce the dates and start times for their next Steam sale in advance, but that doesn’t mean PC gamers don’t figure out using other methods.

Leaks are the easiest way to find out when the next Steam Sale will kick off or by looking at previous launch schedules.

The good news is that there have been plenty of leaks to help piece together when the Black Friday Steam Sale starts.

And we also have a good idea for when things will be wrapping up before the Winter Sale kicks off.

The Steam Black Friday Sale for 2021 is expected to start on November 24 and run throughout the weekend holiday event.

The Autumn Steam Sale is then expected to end on November 30, rounding out a busy month for game releases and discounts.

Unlike the previous sale – which launched in time for Halloween and mainly focused on horror games – the Steam Autumn Sale should have a much wider selection of game discounts available.

There’s no way of knowing exactly what will be on sale ahead of the November 24 launch, but it’s fair to assume that thousands of titles will be discounted.

The Steam Sale for Autumn is expected to start at 6pm GMT, with a lot of server strain during the first hour.

The Steam Store doesn’t usually go offline but you might need to wait a few minutes before you can gain access again following the launch of Black Friday deals.

Last year’s Steam Sale also included the start of the Steam Awards and something similar could happen this year.

The awards were broken down into the following categories: Game of the Year, VR Game of the Year, Labour of Love, Better With Friends, Most Innovative, Outstanding Story-Rich Game, Best Game You Suck At and Outstanding Visual Style.

Last year’s Autumn Sale message reads: “The 2020 Steam Autumn Sale is now live, with great deals across the Steam catalog through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ending at 10am Pacific on Tuesday, December 1st.

“Discover featured titles and franchises, personalized recommendations, plus browse top titles by tag when you shop the Autumn Sale now!

“Join us in our fifth annual Steam Awards by nominating your favorite new games of 2020 across 10 categories, and earn profile XP and badges for participating! Your nominations will help determine the finalists for each category.

“In December, you can vote on the winners for each category during the Steam Winter Sale. Select your nominations today.”

Looking at the type of discounts Steam players may be about to get, last year’s Steam Autumn sale took money off titles such as Gears 5, Code Vein, Cities: Skylines and The Crew 2.

Fans can expect more news regarding the launch of the Steam Black Friday 2021 Sale on November 24.

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