Steam Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Record-Breaking User Numbers

Steam Achieves Record Number of Users

The distribution platform bat more and more records, particularly with regard to son number of users Steam. The queen of online PC games stores achieved a feat at the start of the year by bringing together 10 millions of users who were playing a video game at the same time. A record which surpassed that reached during confinement in 2020 with 8.1 millions of simultaneous users. In January, Steam achieved another feat, that of exceeding 33 millions users connected to the platform at the same time.

In short, PC players seem delighted by this showcase of online games which had started the year 2023 very well. You should know that these exploits are symbolic since Steam has just entered the its twentieth year of existence, enough to make all its early users look old. It’s exactly today, the September 12that the platform intended for PC gamers blows out its candles. For the occasion, the oldest Internet users who registered in 2003 receive a reward.

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Steam is now 20 years old!

20 years ago, Steam was just a greenish launcher for accessing Counter-Strike. A lot has changed, and this pane of PC titles is now the favorite of a grand number of users. However, in addition to regularly welcoming newcomers, Steam doesn’t forget to thank those who have been on the platform since its humble beginnings. Now, they benefit from a “20 years of service” badge whose color refers to the first appearance of the platform in 2003. Users have badges every year to reward their loyalty, but this one is more symbolic than the others. What’s interesting is that Steam’s earliest adopters are, for the most part, still active. Even if several of them belong to developers of the platform, like the account, it’s still impressive.

In the capture screen above, you will find the oldest Steam users, which allows you to learn that the very first account is named Abacus Avenger. If you created your account in 2003you are one of the players who will receive this badge full of nostalgia.

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