Steam Surpasses Concurrent Player Records Once More

The most well-liked PC game launcher, library manager, and marketplace, Steam, has once more quickly surpassed its user records.

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Steam has once again broken the record for concurrent users just under a month after doing so the previous time. One of the oldest and most well-known PC video game marketplaces and launchers, the Valve gaming platform is a mainstay on the desktops of most gamers. It provides various games from all over the industry’s publishers.

That’s different from saying that Steam has no serious rivals. Over the past ten years, numerous publishers have launched their gaming services, with the Epic Games Store and GOG being the most notable examples. But Steam continues to hold a sizable portion of the market, as evidenced by its most recent compilation of past user statistics.

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On Sunday, November 27, Steam had a staggering 31,906,400 concurrent users, according to SteamDB. Compared to Steam’s previous concurrent user record of 30,049,264 users, this represents a significant increase. The number of concurrent users reported by Steam is 31,968,428, so there is some room for error between the two sets of data. Naturally, it’s important to note that less than 30 million users were actively playing video games on Steam at any given time. Many people were concurrently logged into the service. Out of that total, SteamDB calculates that 9.4 million users were actively using the Steam client or playing games. Nonetheless, this is a very impressive statistic.

The fact that Ubisoft plans to use Steam again after sticking primarily to its gaming client, Ubisoft Connect, for years emphasizes the idea that Valve’s gaming client has only become more well-known and relevant over time (formerly known as UPlay). This is similar to Electronic Arts’ strategy for more recent releases. It sees games debut on Steam and includes a stripped-down version of the EA App to run alongside it.

It makes sense that Steam’s frequently amazing sales are a significant draw for users. For example, the Complete Valve Pack, which included nearly two dozen of Valve’s best releases, was available to gamers for under $7 during the Steam Autumn Sale. Even though other online markets have attempted to mimic these deals and, in some cases, even outperform them, Steam continues to be the most widely used PC gaming client.

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With the swift delivery of Steam Decks, Valve has also provided a piece of common gaming hardware. Despite prior ventures into gaming hardware and VR solutions, the Deck is the company’s most well-known product. Valve will become even more well-known in the future as the company quietly prototypes a new VR system in the background.

Source: SteamDB