Steele defends claims over Russian collusion from his file

In front of former British spy Christopher Steele, it’s “No time to lie.”

Steele defended the explosive claims in to be controversial file that became the catalyst for the inquiry into the question of former President Donald Trump of to be campaign conspired with the Russians in the 2016 presidential election.

“I stay with the work we did, the sources die we had and the professionalism die we applied to it,” Steele ​says in the documentary, “Out” of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele File”, die in premiere on Hulu Monday.

Steele, a former MI6 agent, said: in a fragment of the documentary aired on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos” that he wants”set the record”directly over the file that was eventually debunked by” special counsel Robert Mueller’s research.

In the interview, Steele insisted that his claim that Michael Cohen, Trump’s self-proclaimed fixer at the time, traveled to Prague in 2016 for secret meetings with Russian officials are true.

Cohen denied the claim and the FBI found no proof of a meeting.​

“Do you think it hurts your credibility that you won? Don’t accept the findings of the FBI in this particular case?” asked Stephanopoulos.

“I am willing to accept that not everything in the file is 100 percent accurate,” Steele said. “I have yet to be convinced that it is” one of them.”

Steele defends claims over Russian collusion from his file
Dossier told George Stephanopoulos he stands by his claim that Michael Cohen traveled to Prague for meetings with Russian officials.

cohen, who has since cut ties with Trump, told ABC News that “I’m eagerly awaiting his” next secret file proving existence of Bigfoot, it monster of Loch Ness and that Elvis is still alive.”

Steele has less confidence in the lustful episode “Pe-tape” in his file.

It claimed Trump hired prostitutes in 2013 to pee in front of it on a bed in Ritz Carlton in Moscow, where the Obamas once stayed – an incident supposedly recorded on video by Russian intelligence.

Steele said the alleged tape “probably exists” – but that he “wouldn’t give 100% certainty on the.”

Like many of the other claims in the file, the “plastape” was dismissed as being based on hearsay.​

Trump has denied the claims.

Stephanopoulos asked Steele why the tape, if die exists, has yet to be released.

“It didn’t have to be released,” he replied.

“Why not?” asked Stephanopoulos.

“Because I think the Russians thought they had become beautiful” good where the out of Donald Trump when he was president of the US,” Steele said.

Former President Donald Trump has denied the allegations made in    the Steele file.
Former President Donald Trump has denied the allegations made in the Steele file.
PA images via Getty Images

The Steele file started as a project to dig up soil on Republican presidential candidates, and the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, provided funding to research sturdy Fusion GPS.

But the research ended up in 2016 when it became clear that Trump would win the Republican nomination.

At that point, the Free Beacon withdrew its funding in and the project was chosen up by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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