Stellantis Introduces Free2Move Charge: A Suite of Electric Vehicle Services and Products in North America and Europe

Stellantis Launching Free2Move Charge to Support Electric Vehicle Ownership


Stellantis announced the launch of Free2Move Charge, a suite of electric vehicle-related services and products, in North America and Europe this year.

About Free2Move Charge

Free2Move Charge will be managed by the new Stellantis Charging and Energy business unit, with the aim of facilitating EV ownership and achieving Stellantis’ EV sales goals.

Stellantis targets all its light-vehicle sales to be fully electric in Europe by 2030 and at least half in the U.S. during the same timeframe.

The company is adopting a similar approach to General Motors, focusing on enhancing the EV ownership experience through convenience.

Key Features

Free2Move Charge Home

Supports consumers with home charging installation, financing, warranty, and other energy hardware and services.

Options include AC charging cables, wall boxes, and future possibilities like Vehicle-2-Home and Vehicle-2-Grid.

Provides complete energy management systems and touch-free wireless solutions.

Free2Move Charge Business

Offers solutions for companies to support employee charging at work.

An important consideration as EV volumes increase.

Includes infrastructure, products, services, and fleet management for commercial customers.

Free2Move Charge GO

Provides access to an extensive network of public charging points.

Collaborates with partners across North America, Europe, and other regions.

Handles payment for public charging access and offers 24/7 support.

Planned additions include reservations, loyalty programs, subscriptions, and prepaid packages.

Integration and Tailored Offers

Free2Move Charge will integrate with vehicle-branded mobile apps and the STLA SmartCockpit platform launching in 2024.

The Stellantis Energy Cloud will deliver routes and charging recommendations based on customer usage and needs.

Customers opting in will receive tailored energy management to lower total cost of ownership and real-time smart offers.

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