Step by step.. Egyptians abroad import aauto exempt from customs

The Egyptian government has approved the registration restriction for auto of the Egyptians, to facilitate the completion of auto expatriate women exempted from customs, which have 3 months and 18 days left.

The Ministry of Immigration and Overseas Egyptian Affairs revealed the method of downloading the “Car of Overseas Egyptians” application, where the application link is downloaded to the mobile phone with Android and IOS systems, and the application can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.

The initiative to “facilitate the importation of cars for personal use of Egyptians residing abroad” began on November 15 and will continue for four months, until March 14, 2023.

You can benefit from the initiative by following these steps, which include:

1- Create an account with your email.

2- Then enter your account information with mobile number.

3- Register your personal details such as date of birth, national number, passport number and country of residence.

4- Choose theauto to import from the fare calculator With simple steps, you can calculate the cost of your auto entering your data auto and apply any country of origin agreement.

5- Click on the icon to accept the terms and conditions.

6- Follow the instructions of the bank transfer to the account of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance and the taxes can be transferred via your bank account or to a first-degree relative within a maximum period of four months.

7- Follow up your application after the transfer to get approved to import, in so you can get yours auto from customs.

The Egyptian government has set several conditions that must be met to benefit from the initiative, including that the importer must be of Egyptian nationality, and be at least sixteen years old, as well as have a valid legal residence abroad, even if is actually resident abroad.

The Egyptian must also have personally, or with (his husband/wife or father/mother), a bank account in the country of residence which has been open for at least three months.

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