Sterling skips after Liz Trace resigns

Sterling learned of the resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss from her posts as prime minister and leader of the ruling Conservative party.

Terrace’s resignation came like an economic curtain announced by the government weeks ago, which led to the ouster of Finance Minister Kwasi Quarting, who remained in charged only 38 days before the plan which was his first economic decision overturned him. which led to the collapse of the British pound to the lowest level in its history.

The pound jumped on Thursday afternoon, reviving the news of the premier’s resignation, according to what is monitored by “Al-Arabiya Net”. in how much it rose more than one percent against the US dollar at half past two in the afternoon GMT, to surpass the level of US $ 1,133.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper said in a service on his site web seen by “Al Arabiya Net” that the wave of optimism that has swept through the British markets in the wake of Terrace’s resignation comes after news broke that former finance minister Rishi Sunak was the one who spearheaded the battle to overthrow it within the Conservative Party, which is Who had harshly criticized the economic plan that caused an uproar in Great Britain.

The newspaper indicated that Sunak could take a position in the next government, or take in I upload the dossier of the economic crisis that is afflicting the country.

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