Steve Smith interested in Captain Australia again

The 31-year-old Smith served a one- -year Prohibition of playing and was disqualified from leading Australia for two years because of his role in the incident in which Australians were caught using Sandpaper to change the state of the ball against South Africa.

“I have certainly had a lot of Time to think about it, and I think now I’ve got to a point where die Opportunity arose up again I would be thrilled, “Smith told News Corp.

The ball manipulation scandal led to one review of the team’s win- at all -cost Approaching die game. Smith returned to help Australia win die ash in 2019 after its ban ended, but has decidedly avoided the issue of Captain.

“If that was what Cricket Australia was wanted and it was what was best for the team At the time, it would certainly be something that would interest me in Well that’s it for sure”he added.

Smith admitted that the scandal will forever be tied to his name and he will not let that happen in the way of Take leadership again.

“I will always have to live with Cape Town anyway of if I lead again or not. It’s always there, “he said.

“I’ve been through it all now. Time remains moving forward, and I’ve learned so much last grew over me and as a person for a few years.

“I feel like I am in a better one place if die Opportunity would have come up. If not, it is in Okay and i would support whoever is in charge the same way I supported (test captain) Tim (Paine) and Finchy (ODI captain Aaron Finch). “

Paine was under fire since Australia lost a high stakes Test series to a injury-plaged India earlier this year. Finch, on on the other hand turned 34.

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