Stevie McKenna studies the brutal body shots of Gennadiy Golovkin and says he’s

Stevie McKenna has revealed how he studies Gennadiy Golovkin’s brutal fighting style and the explosive Irish talent believes he is a “nightmare” for opponents.

McKenna has stopped all of his eight opponents, blasting aside Damian Haus with a body shot in the opening round of his most recent fight in May.

The unbeaten 24-year-old trains alongside his brother, fellow contender Aaron McKenna, and has honed his hurtful punches after watching footage of the fearsome Kazakh Golovkin.

“Any fight I go into, I go in with one thing on my mind and that’s always to get the KO,” McKenna told Sky Sports.

“Every time I step through those ropes, I do have that mindset and I want to entertain the fans as well.

“I have a very aggressive style of fighting and I went in there and got another first-round knockout.

“We’ve watched a lot of Golovkin, me and my brother Aaron. We study a lot of fighters and we try to bring all different attributes into our styles. GGG is a style that we highly rate and try to mimic as well.”

McKenna even tested out his power in a body sparring session with WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury this year.

He has spent numerous sessions in the gym with father Fergal, perfecting his spiteful ring skills.

“When you are in there, you can hear the winces from an opponent and you know if you land a good shot,” said McKenna.

“We practice in the gym every day. We work on our body shots with my dad, who is our coach, so we work on precision and accuracy. To land a good body shot, it takes a lot of hours of training and time.

“You look for right under the rib cage. Break the rib cage.

“A lot of guys can take it to the head, but if you land a good body shot on anyone, they are going down.”

McKenna has already acquired a reputation as a destructive puncher, which is discouraging potential rivals.

“We have trouble getting opponents,” said McKenna, who is preparing to return in September. “For the last fight, I think it was eight opponents that pulled out.

“There are guys as well, they want to go in there and try to survive. Be the first to go to points, but I’m ready for anyone.

“I think I’m an opponent’s nightmare. I’m 6’1″, 147lbs, and a hard hitter, so whoever wants to come against me, can bring it.”

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