Stone, the Aussie LGBT Stoner Noir, is Out Now on Xbox One


  • Stone is a single-player, third-person interactive story where a hungover koala investigator wakes to discover his fan Alex has actually been abducted.
  • Made by Convict Games, a brand-new group of ex-AAA designers, filmmakers and artists that have actually dealt with video games like Control and Quantum Break and movies like “Gravity” and “Prometheus.”
  • An enthusiasm task, Stone was made to inform a brand-new kind of story.

Hey Xbox Wire, great to satisfy you all. I’m Greg Louden from Convict Games and I’m here to discuss our launching, Stone It’s an Aussie LGBT stoner noir interactive story that follows our koala private detective Stone who wakes to discover his fan has actually been abducted. You require to discover what occurred.

As I.
composed, we’re an interactive story, so incredibly, incredibly story driven. While playing,.
there’s consistent reference-filled discussion like a fantastic hip-hop track and an.
diverse soundtrack. Mechanically in the video game you stroll, talk, engage,.
smoke, dance, and beverage. Some call it a Walking Sim; we like to call it an Interactive.
Story. We have one ending in Stone, so you do not alter the story with.
these options, however rather you adjust it and make it your own.

bring noir to 2019 and Xbox, it needed to be hip hop, that to me is likewise about.
wordplay and Stone is filled with throwbacks and recommendations. It’s likewise a.
category with a set usage in video games, nevertheless we wished to provide it in a various.
method and bring my enthusiasm for the category to storytelling in interactive stories.

entire koala, anthropomorphic idea originated from the reality that it’s a fantastic.
metaphor; and in video games we require to construct whatever. Why do we recreate the.
When we can produce something brand-new and something just video games or CGI can, genuine world.

Stone is filled with certified.
tracks and public domain movie theater. I’m stired with the choice and I believe.
individuals will actually delight in the music and movie theater we have readily available. We have Ryan.
Little offering our main hip hop ambiance with Ilkka S offering our techno. On.
the Aussie side we have actually Luchii included together with Grand Oyster Palace, Joseph.
Banks and Golden Grove on the Aussie rock front. In regards to movie theater some.
gamers will see some movie theater like “Night of the Living Dead” and will be.
blown away, due to the fact that all of these movies are work of arts that are now complimentary for.

Games is a brand-new Aussie remote story video game business informing high effect and.
alternative stories. We’ve got skill from Moscow, Helsinki, Los Angeles,.
Sydney and Melbourne that have actually dealt with our launching Stone. Convict was.
established by my Co-Founder Sarah and I on July 5, 2017 and our slogan is “Breaking.
complimentary because 2017.” Which indicates we’re attempting to do something fresh with our.
stories instead of follow others.

people who have actually dealt with Stone like informing alternative stories. In.
video games, those kinds of stories are extremely hardly ever played and normally you avert,.
attack and guard as mechanics. We wished to press interactive storytelling.
even more. Normally there’s the exact same sort of music too; we wished to challenge.

This is Stone and we’re Convict Games.

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