Storm, an X-Men character, unveils a new Omega-Level Mutant Ability

In Marvel’s Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #2, Storm uses her newly discovered Omega-level ability to open a wormhole in space to retrieve stolen Moira MacTaggert clones. Storm and her team make their way to the Death Sphere, which is run by a clone of Mister Sinister, to destroy the lab where the clones are kept. Instead of destroying the universe, Storm decides to guard the lab with her life, saying that “we guard the life of everything that is.” With the help of Khora, Storm opens a wormhole and collapses after successfully swallowing the part of the Death Sphere housing the clones. The issue ends with Khora declaring Storm dead, which could mean trouble for the team as the Sinister-possessed Quiet Council is also searching for the clones. Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #2 is on sale now from Marvel.