Streaming on PlayStation and Xbox Consoles: A Must-Have Feature for Gamers

Streaming, a now essential feature on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Streamer from your PC is now relatively simple, but you still have to perform several operations beforehand. On consolethings were very fast for Sony, which integrated a button of capture and broadcast on his controller from the PS4. The Xbox One also allowed streaming, but the dedicated button only appeared with the Xbox Series. Be that as it may, and in particular by connecting the console to the Twitch app, it became possible to start a broadcast in a few moments.

It remains to have a microphone and / or a dedicated camera, but many players have started thanks to this simplified configuration which nevertheless limits the possibilities of staging. The new generation of console is no exception, and it’s always easy to start streaming or follow a live. However, there is always something to be done to offer more comfort and moreoptions to players, and manufacturers know it.

For example, Xboxes have been made compatible with Discord’s voice chat. in September 2022, followed by the PS5 at the start of the year. You have surely noticed that consoles are often updated, and new features are regularly tested before being offered to the grand public. Sony thus has the beta program, while Xbox offers an Insider program To son public. It is also through this intermediary that the new Xbox interface, recently available for everyone, was tested.

Stream to Discord from an Xbox should be soon possible !

In advance on this side, Microsoft will soon offer test a brand new feature that a select few gained access to in version Alpha. Once again, it concerns Discord and it looks very interesting. Indeed, The Verge reports that Discord is currently testing a feature allowing Xbox Series and One users to stream directly to its platform from the consoles. A test by journalist Tom Warren shows that within moments, on find yourself streaming on Discord after choosing a few settings, including frame rate. As for the rest, all this takes place from the dashboard.

On the other hand, there is currently no functionality to track a live from the application available on the machines. We can easily imagine that it is under study, but it will not be possible when the feature becomes available. Despite everything, Discord and Microsoft are therefore preparing to offer a new distribution channel to players, more intimate than Twitch. For the moment, this functionality is still in phase of test, and neither Microsoft nor Discord has revealed any release window. We just know that, if everything goes according to plan, we will only have to wait a few months. After that, the Discord text chat and therefore the viewing of streams from the application can be considered.

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