Stress-tested Crypto Companies Focus on New Products and Growth

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It appears that the infamous market crash on March 12-13 has actually impacted every crypto business. How?

A couple of market players shared their own experiences and strategies.

“The market crash is definitely an important stress-test for both Ethereum and the decentralized financial products launched on it, and I’m confident that both will emerge as more antifragile,” Nate Hindman, Head of Growth at decentralized liquidity network Bancor (BNT), informed

Hindman stated that the recession has actually evaluated how Bancor liquidity service providers fare throughout durations of severe volatility.

“We’re glad Bancor pools were able to process the increased volume and also serve as a hedge against losses,” he stated. In the week in between March 9 and March 16, staking one’s ethereum (ETH) in Bancor and producing costs from ETH trades on the network provided a 73.84% APR (yearly portion rate) vs. holding ETH on its own, according to Hindman. “This is because high trade volume on Bancor creates fees for users who are staking liquidity in Bancor and the profitability of those fees can outweigh losses in the pool’s underlying assets,” he described.


On the other hand, crypto exchange KuCoin, in basic, hasn’t been greatly impacted, stated Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin Global

“The recent COVID-19 and dump in financial markets do have a negative impact on people’s confidence in crypto and traders are getting less active as a result,” Lyu informed, “but we are bullish on the crypto market for the long term, and we believe that as the panic fades away, the price of major tokens will return to its value.”

At pixel time (14: 03 UTC), bitcoin (BTC) is down 32% in a month, while other coins from the top 10 lost 40%-50% of their worth. The top 10 coins are up 20%-30% in a week.

In either case, KuCoin stated it is now focusing on new products and services. The greatest problem KuCoin has now is the absence of time compared to the variety of things they have in strategies, Lyu stated. Just recently, the business has actually developed KuGroup, including 3 business groups, specifically KuCoin Global, KuCloud, and the KuChain & & KCS Business Group For this year, they have actually got a variety of new products prepared, such as KuChain and KuDEX, while they will likewise present new features to KuCoin, KuMEX and Pool-X

Others concur that the focus on products and services is important. CEO of digital possession storage, transfer, and releasing platform Fireblocks, Michael Shaulov stated that they have actually seen a 150% boost in volume, supporting their clients to move their crypto in the unpredictablemarket This indicates, stated the CEO, that they devote more time to their operations and ensuring that the system is scaling up and working effectively at alltimes


Nevertheless, he added that “sporadic outages” of their interconnected partners might’ve been discovered, particularly cryptocurrency exchanges, offering as examples Coinbase, Gemini, Huobi, and BitMex, which had skilled problems on March 12-13

“Business remains strong and it seems that our customer base is actually doing pretty well in the current climate. We continue to see extensions in our customer base and project to continue to move forward,” Shaulov stated. “Moreover, our cash balance is solid and efficiency is high so we are ready for a long downturn.”

Though it’s challenging to anticipate how long the wider global volatility will last, Bancor’s Head of Growth added that, as federal governments reveal bailouts and the tradition facilities deals with additional stress, the worth of a brand name new programmable capital markets facilities ends up being more obvious. Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network (KNC), added that, in vital times like this, access to liquidity is crucial for users and Defi jobs.

DappRadar, a dapp information aggregator and analysis company, argued that it’s down to national federal governments the length of time this turbulence continues, however they see a much better future for crypto than other possessions.

“Probably there will be 6-12 months of uncertainty, with some reasonable chance (30%) that BTC and ETH will test respective recent lows c. USD 3,000 and USD 90. But I think when the rebound happens, crypto will rebound fastest compared to other assets – gold, stocks etc.,” Communications Director Jon Jordan stated.

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