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Strictly Come Dancing’s Nadiya Bychkova shares joyous reunion with Ukrainian family after difficult journey

Strictly’s Nadiya Bychkova Reunites with Ukrainian Family in Dubai

Strictly Come Dancing’s Nadiya Bychkova, 33, was thrilled to be reunited with her Ukrainian family after a “difficult journey” across from the war-torn country.


The Ukrainian dancer has previously spoken about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the effects it has had on her family, as earlier this year she was desperately trying to get her grandmother to safety.

Reunited with Family

In a new series of snaps, the BBC star can be seen beaming as she and her daughter are reunited with her grandmother, mother and father.

Taking to Instagram, Nadiya shared the sweet pictures taken in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in view of her 168,000 followers.

Long-Awaited Reunion

“What a trip,” she began in the caption with a heart emoji. “I can’t put it into words how special this week was…

“Something I wished for such a long time finally came true. Family reunion… This never happened before…”

Nadiya went on to reveal that it had been nearly seven years since she had last seen her father, while her daughter Mila had never got to meet him in person.

She continued: “I finally saw my dad after almost 7 years… And Mila met her grandfather for the first time in person…”

She also described the “difficult” journey that her grandmother had made to reach them, as Ukraine continues to fight back against ongoing attacks from Russia.

“My grandmother managed her way from Ukraine probably the most difficult trip in her life…” she added.

“I had my family in one place… All of us… Together [heart emoji]. What a week I will never forget it.

“Family is everything. I am so grateful that I managed to organise it all and that everything worked out,” she concluded with heart and prayer emojis. (sic)

Previous Struggle

Back in April, Nadiya opened up about the struggle of trying to get her grandmother out of Ukraine in an interview with GB News.

She said of her grandmother: “It is very difficult. In the part of Ukraine she is in, the war started long ago in 2014. So, in the worst possible way we kind of got used to it.

“My mum’s travelling more often to see my grandmother and to make sure she’s okay. But it’s just really hard.”

She added: “I’m trying to get my grandmother here but it’s difficult as she’s older and she’s like ‘Well that is my home, I don’t want to leave’.

“But at the same time I’m so worried if anything happens. There’s not much I can do straight away because it’ll take me three days to get there.”


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