Studying a ground operation for Syria. Turkish “national security” meets under Erdogan’s presidency

On Thursday, the Turkish National Security Council, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will hold a meeting to discuss “fighting terrorism” and possible ground operations in northern Syria.

The sixth and last periodical meeting of questThis year will discuss Turkey’s air strikes against Kurdish militants in eastern Syria and northern Iraq.

Multidimensional assessments of a new ground operation in northern Syria will also be conducted. The meeting will also discuss the latest situation of the Turkish army’s operations in northern Iraq
The Russo-Ukrainian war will be on the agenda of the meeting.

Strong US opposition

On Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed his “strong opposition” to a new Turkish military operation to his Turkish counterpart in Syria, expressing its concern about the escalation of the situation in the country, according to reports from the Pentagon in a statement.

And the US Department of Defense said Austin expressed, in a phone call, his “concern about the escalation of the situation in northern Syria and in Turkey, including recent air strikes, some of which have directly threatened the safety of American personnel working with local partners in Syria to defeat ISIS,” according to the statement. .

France’s “deep” concern

France, in turn, expressed its “deep concern” about the Turkish attacks in Ankara in Syria and Iraq, which “threaten the progress” made in the fight against Isis, according to a statement from the defense ministry on Wednesday.

French Defense Minister Sebastien Locorno said on Tuesday, in a phone call to his Turkish counterpart, Hulusi Akar, that these attacks “lead to an escalation of tensions that threaten the stability of the region and the progress made by the international coalition over several years in the fight against the US-led ISIS” and from other countries, according to France. Press.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week reiterated his intention to order a ground offensive “when the time comes”.

Interestingly, Turkey believes the PKK, both in northern Syria and in Iraq, responsible for carrying out terrorist operations on its territory and threatening its security.

This has prompted it, in recent years, to carry out 3 military operations in northern Syria, as well as carrying out several attacks on the Iraqi border.

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