Subaru Considers Indiana as Top Location for Electric Vehicle Production in the US

TOKYO — Indiana Potential Site for Subaru’s Electric Vehicle Production, Says CEO


The CEO of Subaru has revealed that Indiana is a strong contender to become the preferred location for the Japanese automaker’s electric vehicle (EV) production site in the United States. With plans to boost EV sales between 2023 and 2028 and reach an annual sales target of 600,000 battery-powered vehicles by 2030, Subaru aims to sell 400,000 EVs in the US market. Currently, the company is considering various options for EV production in the country.

Potential Location in Indiana

The CEO, Atsushi Osaki, spoke about the existing Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana, which produces Legacy and Outback models. This facility is being considered as a top candidate for the company’s EV production. However, Osaki emphasized that no final decisions have been made, and they are exploring multiple factors before reaching a conclusion. The company may choose to build a new factory, expand existing production lines, or revamp the current infrastructure.

Recent Discussions with Indiana Governor

Osaki revealed that he recently met with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb during his visit to Japan. Although no specific details were provided, it indicates a potential dialogue regarding further investments by Subaru in the state. Governor Holcomb also visited Gunma, the prefecture where Subaru’s main domestic facility is located, as well as Toyota and Honda Motor, which also have plants in Indiana. In his social media posts, Governor Holcomb mentioned meetings with Japan’s trade and foreign ministers.

Subaru’s EV Expansion Plans

Subaru, known for its strong presence in the North American market, announced plans to expand its battery-powered lineup to eight models by the end of 2028. The company has already started production of its first mass-produced EV, the Solterra, at Toyota’s Motomachi plant. Additionally, Subaru intends to launch three new EVs by the end of 2026 and four more by the end of 2028.

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