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Subscription coverage 95.85% of the “Naseej” capital increase

Naseej International Trading Company announced the results of the priority of trading rights and the subscription of new shares to increase the capital with a coverage rate of 95.85%.

The company stated in a statement on “Saudi Tadawul”, today, Monday, that the volume of the subscribed shares registered 14.378 million shares, for a value of 143.782 million riyals.

The targeted capital increase was 150 million riyals offering priority rights in the size of 15 million shares with a nominal value of 10 riyals per share, to increase the capital by 243.38% from 61.6 million riyals to 211.6 million riyals.

The company specified that the remaining shares will be offered to a plurality of institutional investors, on condition that these investment institutions submit purchase offers for the remaining shares.

And he continued: “The residual shares will be allotted to the investment institutions with the highest offer, then the lowest and the lowest (as long as not lower than the offer price), provided that the shares are allocated proportionally to the investment institutions. investment proposing the same offer. As for the fractional shares, they will be added to the remaining shares and dealt with reciprocally. ” .

The remaining offer period for unsubscribed shares equal to (621,770) shares starts Wednesday 24 November 2021 and runs until Thursday 25 November 2021.

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