Subsequent increases in the prices of these food products in Egypt from the beginning of May

The General Division of Food Products of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Egypt has revealed that certain types of food have seen subsequent increases earlier this month as prices for all dairy, cheese, coffee and instant drinks have risen.

According to the statement, the price of the product “Zabado” has increased from 11 to 12 pounds and the price of milk packaged as “Juhayna” has increased from 18 to 20.5 pounds per liter.

The price of “Bakhira” milk has increased from 8 to 8.5 per half liter, and the price of one liter has increased from 15 to 15.75.

While the price of triangle cheeses such as ‘Bridaydon’ has increased from £ 18 to £ 25, while ‘Tama’a’ triangle cheese has increased from £ 10 to £ 14, small ‘kibiyas’ cheeses have increased from £ 28 to 40. pounds and large ones 43 to 60 pounds.

In the same context, the prices of instant drinks have increased, in when the price of the “tang” went from 4 to 5 pounds for large and small, from 50 piastres to 75 piastres.

Gentleman coffee prices also went up from 17 pounds to 20 pounds, and roasted coffee prices went from 22 pounds to 25 pounds.

Since the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine, Egypt has witnessed a strong wave of price increases.

The increases affected all subjects prime, in particularly the meat, which has grown up to 25%.

Poultry prices have also risen by up to 40%.

Official data indicate that the republic’s annual inflation rate jumped in March for the fourth consecutive month, registering 12.1%, up from around 10% in February.

According to data from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the annual inflation rate in cities has exceeded the targets of the Central Bank of Egypt, after rising to 10.5%, compared to around 8.8. % of February.

The Central Bank of Egypt was targeting the annual inflation rate in cities at an average level of 7% (plus or minus 2%) during the fourth quarter of 2022.

The monthly inflation rate for the Republic’s total rose to 2.4 percent last March, up from 2 percent last February.

The outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war and Western sanctions on Russia have contributed to a sharp rise in the prices of a number of commodities prime global, in particular food, minerals, energy and others, sharply during the war days, which negatively affected the prices of some commodities prime in Egypt and its impact on the markets is still in course.

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