Sudan: 132 dead in tribal clashes in West Darfur

On Thursday, the Governor of West Darfur, Sudan, Mohamed Abdullah Al-Douma, announced that die The death toll from tribal fighting in the state rises to 132 and die Number of wounded has risen to 155.

The governor said: “We have asked for assistance, but they have not come yet, and die existing forces cannot face the situation. “

At a press conference in Khartoum stated to Al-Domah that die Situation now “something is stable, not fighting and die Electricity and water supply in die City has returned, “but he was referring to” acts of looting “.

The clashes have been concentrated since April 3 die City of El Geneina, die Capital of West Darfur.

The violence demands die Efforts by the Sudanese interim government to end the decades-long uprising in To end areas like Darfur, in which conflicts often take place on an ethnic basis.

The most recent clashes broke out last Saturday after two people of the Masalit tribe in a camp for displaced persons in El Geneina, the capital of the state of West Darfur, had been killed so die United Nations Agency for Humanitarian Affairs, die two others added by the Masalit tribe were wounded in the shooting.

Fighting then broke out between the Rizeigat and Masalit tribes as both tribes mobilized their armed men. The United Nations said that die Shots in El Geneina would not have stopped for several days. The Sudanese authorities declared a state of emergency in West Darfur.

Asked on Monday die United Nations stopped all humanitarian activities due to the road closure in the southern part of El Geneina and found that more than 700,000 people were affected by the clashes, as Al-Geneina is a hub for the transport of relief supplies in die USA is devastated by the conflict.

Violence on a religious and ethnic basis is common in Darfur, with tribes of Arab descent such as the Rizeigat, die are of African descent, like the masalit.

Last January around 50 people were killed in clashes between groups of Arab tribes and other members of the African “Masalit” tribe.

The western region of Darfur has been suffering from unrest since 2003 when groups of African minorities under the pretext die Region politically and economically against die marginalize the government of Khartoum supported by Arab groups, take up arms.

The intensity of the fighting in the region has in has decreased over the past three years, but tribal conflicts are still there die Main threat to die security in of the region.

Finished in late December die joint peace mission of the United Nations and the African Union officially announced its mission in of the region, die it started in 2007.

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