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Sudan 52 police officers during the protests in Khartoum injured

The Sudanese police announced on Wednesday evening that 52 of their members were participating in protests in the capital Khartoum were injured.

And it was said in a statement that Wednesday morning in Mass rallies began at a number of locations in Khartoum state, indicating that they “have made great efforts to die To protect participants in addition to securing strategic facilities “, so die official news agency (SUNA). .

She pointed out that groups were trying to reach the presidential palace and other sovereign institutions, but their elements presented them with “the appropriate amount of resources to dispel insurrections”.

“excessive violence”

She also stated that these groups involved “excessive violence” against their members, die resulted in 28 police officers in injured with various injuries near the scene of the crime, indicating that one of these injuries was serious.

In addition, 24 police officers were reportedly reported in the locality of Bahri and other areas of the Sudanese capital in injured to varying degrees.

The police demanded die Encouraged the public to express their views peacefully, stressing their obligation “to enforce the law to protect lives, preserve property and perform their duties professionally and impartially”.

The previous Wednesday had the Empowerment and Anti-Corruption Committee die The arrest of 79 leaders of the defunct National Congress party was announced and they were charged with plotting acts of violence and sabotage during today’s demonstrations in the country.

The Sudanese capital, Khartoum, witnessed protest marches in near the presidential palace, die were announced by opposition political groups.

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