Sudan: Declaration of emergency in central Darfur following bloody tribal clashes

The Central State Security Committee of Darfur in Sudan, in the meeting on Sunday evening, decided to declare a state of emergency in all parts of the state for a period of one month against the backdrop of the bloody tribal clashes that took place in the last few days.

The declaration of emergency comes after more than 24 people were killed and others were injured in the events that took place in Wadi Saleh and Brindisi.

According to statements made to the Sudanese news agency by the designated Wali of central Darfur, Saad Babiker, the emergency declaration aims to “preserve the security of the state and that of citizens, especially after the assault with live bullets on the reconciliation committee. The parties to the conflict, which so far have led to the failure of attempts at reconciliation between the two sides after several attempts have taken 5 days.

Central Darfur’s Wali referred to attacks, arson, and looting of about 12 stores in Wadi Saleh and Brindisi, as well as the spread of armed motorcycles with more than one person in the state in general, which threatens security, the pace of social and the harvest season.

Wali added that the state security committee also decided to prevent tribal gatherings and gatherings in all locations in the southern state.

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