Sudan: Ethiopia’s statements, train our opponents and them in Pushing Tigray are wrong

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said today, Thursday, that it was with regret die Pursued statements by the governor of the Ethiopian Amhara region, in whom he accused Sudan of training groups against die ethiopian government in the on die Sudanese countries bordering the region and urge them to in the Tigray region to fight.

And the State Department believed that die Introduction of such allegations against die health in Ethiopia (to escape its internal crises and connect them with external parties to reach internal political interests) is regrettable and irresponsible and does not serve the questions of the good neighborhood, security and stability in of the region.

Relations between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan are growing strained due to the renaissance dam that Addis Ababa built over the Blue Nile, the Nile’s largest tributary.

Sudan had proposed prosecuting Ethiopia if it continued to fill the Renaissance Dam without a tripartite agreement that includes Egypt.

Egypt and Sudan blame Ethiopia for the failure of the negotiations for being adamant and refusing to sign a binding deal on the dam.

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