Sudan: Flour stocks are only sufficient for four days

A senior Sudanese government official said the strategic supply of flour is enough for just four days, and he expects an agreement to open the roads and port of Port Sudan in the next few hours.

For about three weeks, supporters of the head of the Al-Handawa tribe have blocked vital structures and roads in the east of the country, demanding the abolition of the eastern route in the agreement of pace of Juba, the dissolution of the civilian government and the handover of power to the military, according to the German news agency.

The Cabinet warned of the repercussions of the extended closure process on stocks of strategic goods, fuel and medicines. And the site web “Sudan Tribune” quoted Industry Minister Ibrahim Al-Sheikh as saying that “the strategic stock of flour is sufficient for four days”, and expected the port of Port Sudan to open and roads closed in the next few hours.

He explained that the closure mainly affected and in significantly the circulation of transport. He revealed that most of the subjects prime she entered the phase of scarcity and complete exhaustion and said: “It is very likely that a very suffocating crisis will occur if the closure continues for more than that amount.”

The government warning is not the first of its kind, in how much the Sudanese government warned last Sunday that the country’s supplies of vital medicines are about to run out, in light of the continuing crisis of the closure of the main ports on the Red Sea coast by protesters.

A statement released Sunday by the Sudanese government said the closure also affected stocks of other materials prime strategic such as grain and fuel and would lead to a complete lack of these materials prime and a significant impact on the production and supply of electricity.

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