Sudan .. Hamdok dissolves the government and announces a new squad today

The office of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said in a statement that Hamdok dissolved the government on Sunday evening, with the aim of forming a new government.

The media office of the Transitional Sovereignty Council said in a separate statement that the new government would be announced Monday.

The current ministers will remain in their positions to conduct business in their ministries until the new government is formed and the handover and handover procedures are completed, according to Hamdok’s decision.

The Council of Partners for the Transitional Period agreed at a meeting, on Sunday evening, to announce the new Sudanese government on Monday.

Hamdok is scheduled to announce the new government after the dissolution of the current government, except for the Ministry of Education, which is still conducting consultations on it.

Members of the Council of Partners said that the meeting lasted 4 hours, and the council adhered to announcing the government on Monday according to the predetermined date, rejecting the request to postpone it again.

The components of the Council (namely: Freedom and Change, the Revolutionary Front, the Military Component and the Prime Minister) demanded to override the ministries in question, and to announce the dissolution of the government within hours, at a time when Hamdok had reservations about extending the Council of Partners with the list of his new ministers.

In statements related to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, the political secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement, Suleiman Sandal, threatened to withdraw from the government, to be announced on Monday, in case Hamdok bypasses the candidates whom the movement wishes to appoint.

Sandal added, “Hamdok indicated in a meeting with the head of the movement, Gabriel Ibrahim, that he did not agree with the movement’s candidates,” stressing that “the prime minister, according to the Juba Peace Agreement, has no right to object to our candidates.”

The “Justice and Equality Movement” had chosen its head, Gabriel Ibrahim, to take over the finance portfolio, and the two leaders, Ahmed Adam Bakhit and Zahir El Faki, to take over the social welfare portfolios and the Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, respectively.

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