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Sudan: Members of the previous regime are involved in subversive activities

Today, Tuesday, the Sudanese Council of Ministers accused elements of the former regime of being responsible for the recent activities and unrest in the country.

These elements, he said in a note, aim to hinder the transition phase in the country, pledging to deal with the necessary legal resolve, underlining that “anyone who thinks of intimidating the safety of citizens will find deterrence by law and there is no tolerance in this matter at all. “

The Council also called for traditional agencies to address all breaches of strategic structures with adequate strength and determination, comply with the law, and refer all involved to immediate trials without tolerance or leniency toward any violations that disrupt or threaten strategic structures.

The communiqué also stated the committee’s support for dismantling the regime of 30 June 1989 and recovering public funds, and assisting it in completing its tasks in dismantling the institutions and interfaces that financed the activities of the old government, banning all activities of the dissolved party. And its facades and aborted their plans to ignite sedition and sabotage to undermine the transition and prevent the course of the revolution.

arms shipment

And media locals reported that a shipment of weapons had been seized at Khartoum International Airport. They said they would arrive via a plane from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, the Sudan news agency (SUNA) reported “doubts about the intentions of using them (weapons) in crimes against the state. “

He also said it was unclear who would receive the weapons. Still, the committee did not rule out that they were reaching the loyalists of the Al-Bashir government, whom the Sudanese authorities accuse of trying to undermine the passage of power in the country.

A lawsuit and the payment of compensation

For its part, Ethiopian Airlines confirmed that the arms shipment transferred to Khartoum, revealed on Sunday, was in Addis Ababa and was sent to Sudan after its “unknown” owner filed a lawsuit against the airline before a Sudanese court, asking the company to hand over weapons and pay compensation of 250 thousand dollars.

Ethiopian Airlines claimed that the weapons mentioned were shotguns as part of a “legal” shipment.

The expedition is under consideration by the committee charged with dismantling former President Omar al-Bashir’s regime, which was overthrown by a popular uprising in April 2019. The committee concluded that the weapons arrived in Ethiopia from Moscow in May 2019.

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