Sudan: Reclamation of 95% of the Fashaqa territories on the border with Ethiopia

The commander of the Fifth Brigade of the Sudanese Armed Forces in Umm Barakit, Walid Ahmed Al-Sajan announced Reclamation of 95% of the border areas of Al-Fashaqa With Ethiopia. He emphasized die Stability of the security situation in the “liberated” areas in Al-Fashaqa.

And he demanded die Executive authorities of the state on, on die Region and its development for die To respect the stability of the Sudanese citizens.

He stressed that any attempt by the Ethiopian side in invade Sudanese territory, die decisive answer of the armed forces will find.

He said that die Armed forces in of the region have a high level of morality and I am convinced that they are defending the country and that die Armed forces have expanded their control over the land of “Al-Fashaqa” and that only a few are left.

The Sudanese army is fighting in the Sudanese-Ethiopian border area die Reclaiming the land of the “Al-Fashaqa” region, die controlled by Ethiopian groups.

Sudan had announced that it would not withdraw an inch from the army on the border with Ethiopia. And the State Department decided that die Sudanese Army would not withdraw from any of the points die recovered in the Al-Fashaqa area on the eastern border.

And it was President of the Sudanese Council of SovereigntyOn March 28, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan signed a “declaration of principle” between the Sudanese government and the SPLM-Nord under the leadership of Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu. Al-Burhan emphasized the importance of achieving peace in the country and said: “We will fight to achieve and protect this peace.”

He added that this signature is the very beginning of the change that will lead to the peace that will make a country for all. He stressed that “the people of Sudan are a nation … and their only concern is peace.” Al-Hilu, for his part, thanked Al-Burhan for his attitude, die he after signing this declaration as “die Brave “designated.

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