Sudan.. The end of the disputes of the Supreme Council of Opticians of Beja

The Al-Arabiya correspondent reported on Saturday that the disputes of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals in eastern Sudan had ended.

The two wings of Beja Opticals have signed a document which refers to the decisions of the first “Senkat” conference.

The agreement on the unity of the Supreme Council also provided for a return to the old structure of the Council.

Disputes hit the Beja Council in eastern Sudan after its chairman issued a decision to dissolve it, while leaders insisted on continuing the Council’s work and implementing the results of the Senkat Conference.

Last June, the head of the Supreme Council of Beja opticians and frozen independent columns in eastern Sudan, the chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the general conference of Beja opticians, Muhammad Al-Amin Turk, announced the freezing of all secretariats and the powers of the council.

“shameful and disgraceful”

Turk said, in statements to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, in previously, that the freezing decisions came to preserve the country’s security, after the escalation of speeches within the council, which he described as shameful and disgraceful.

He also added that some personalities affiliated with the Beja glasses continued to issue decisions without the knowledge of the board’s leadership.

Interestingly, the Beja tribe, which is one of the largest component of the population in the east of the country, started on September 17 (2021) to close the main port of Port Sudan and barricades have been put up in many cities and points on the main route through which the country’s exports and imports pass, as well as the closure of oil export and import lines.

Before some mediations led by the then Sovereign Council led to the temporary suspension of the strike.

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