Sudan.. The involvement of the Houthi mafia in the diffusion of the Afghan hashish “Nutella”.

Informed sources have revealed the involvement of drug dealers, “inmates” in Sudanese prisons, in drug trafficking while they were in detention, and they claimed that Afghan hashish known as “Nutella” is in tops the list of most promoted drugs in Sudan, followed by “Ice Crystal” and “Captagon”.

And Sudanese police have announced that they have arrested an Afghan hashish promoter in the suburb of Dar al-Salam, east of the Nile.

On Monday, police said they had staged an elaborate ambush for the promoter and the raid resulted in the seizure of 10 kilograms of Afghan hashish, 100 grams of ice crystals and 1,000 Captagon pills ready for distribution. he seized an electronic scale and took the defendant to the prosecution for investigation before remand in court.

Dense diffusion

Interestingly, recently there is a strong drug spread behind which the international drug mafia is hiding in the African country, suffering from security disturbances, economic crises and political crises, which raises the question, does the drug mafia in Has Sudan reached the stage of organized crime?

The information obtained by the Sudanese newspaper Al-Intibaha has revealed the most dangerous types of drugs currently widespread in Khartoum and the ways in which they are smuggled into the country. Sources indicate that (Nutella) is in tops the list of most advertised drugs in the country, followed by (Ice Crystal), then (Captagon) and (Tramadol) in third place, and sources attributed the decline of (Ice Crystal) in second place after it was in first place due to its high prices, the decline in supply and the spread of bad types of it, as attributed by the same sources, the Afghan drug hashish or what is known as (Nutella) ranks first because it entered the country in large quantities and merchants vied with each other to promote it and its low prices, which ranged between (4-6) thousand pounds per gram, besides the most important reason, which is (Nutella) has become comparable in strength to the original drug (Ice Crystal).

Sudanese families have heightened fears of the drug epidemic.

Local press reports mentioned a high rate of drug addict visits to treatment centres.

Systematic targeting

Sources indicated that parts of eastern Sudan, in especially Kassala, have been targeted by the global drug mafia who are actively promoting it in Arab and African countries. The sources pointed out that four well-known figures in Kassala state have become the most dangerous weapons controlling drug trafficking, in especially Nutella, Ice Crystal and Captagon. “..and has become using Kassala as a main warehouse for shipments in entered the country and then distributed them to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and to the rest of the states of Sudan.

Interestingly, influential figures, during the rule of the ousted president wearing the mask of the Brotherhood, were involved in facilitating the entry of drugs into the country and making them a gateway to many neighboring countries, as well as distribution within the country.

Sources pointed to the involvement of gangs whose members hail from Syria, Egypt and Yemen, and some of those gang members formed fronts for them represented in setting up limousine shops, auto parts stores for auto “espirat” and other fronts they use as a cover to manage drug trafficking, and sources have pointed to the involvement of inmates who are drug dealers. Some prisons manage drug trafficking from inside Sudan and carry out their activities.

Safe passages

The sources revealed that the most dangerous type of drug currently widely spread in Khartoum is Afghan hashish or what is known as (Nutella), in how much its effect is comparable to the lethal drug (ice crystal), but it is in top of the list after the price per gram of it ranged between 4-6 thousand pounds. Sudani, moreover, has become stronger than (ice), and there is in abundance, while (ice crystal) fell to second place due to its scarcity, high prices and the spread of poor types of it.

Houthi gangs

According to reliable information, Afghan hashish is brought by Afghan drug trafficking gangs (mafia) linked to Houthi gangs active in the field, and from Afghanistan, the country of origin, it arrives in Yemen, then the Houthi gangs use fishing boats or boats to transport it across the Red Sea to Sudanese territory, in coordination with gangs It is active in eastern Sudan, is received and transferred to the warehouses of the four known merchants in the state of Kassala, and from there is distributed in retail to minor traders and promoters.

The same sources also indicated that the original (ice crystal) is fabricated in Iranian factories, and is transported in coordination with Afghan gangs from Iran to Yemen and from there the same way in Sudan.

Dangerous information obtained by Al-Intibahaha has indicated that the proceeds of all these tons of this drug are being transferred through the fronts and those drug dealers in money in foreign currencies, and then they are delivered to major drug dealers outside Sudan, either through the gangs that bring them or by other means related to the trade fronts and their gun-practiced activities (mafia) in Sudan.

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