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Sudan The Medical Committee asks that children be kept away from demonstrations


The Central Committee of Physicians in Sudan has invited resistance committees and field work committees to the capital, Khartoum and in all the regions of Sudan and the leaders of revolutionary activities; Work to keep children away from demonstrations and protests in used in tear gas, or any manifestation of violence, and justify it by keeping children healthy in body, mind and spirit.

And he affirmed in a statement issued by the same yesterday, Friday, which keeps quite a few statistics on the injured and disabled minors during the demonstrations that followed the measures of 25 October.

psychological effect

The Central Medical Committee also explained that psychology confirms that children’s exposure to trauma, both on them and by witnessing the disasters that unfold before them at this age, affects their psychological well-being and the formation of their personality. in the long run, and has put in guarding parents from accompanying children.

The committee added that it does not want the demonstrations to cause any form of physical or psychological disability, which could affect only one child in generations. future.

Communication platform pioneers released images of an underage child returning tear gas canisters fired by security forces to disperse protesters in downtown Khartoum. Comments on the child spilled between criticism and rejection of the idea of ​​involving in protests minors under the age of 18, and a supporter of the child’s behavior.

Invitations to demonstrate renewed

At the same level, calls for demonstrations by the resistance committees were renewed and last night the Omdurman resistance committees issued a statement calling on the masses of the Sudanese people to demonstrate tomorrow, Sunday, to demand the removal of the military and the handing over of power to a civilian government, and to reject the exceptional decisions taken by the commander in Chief of the armed forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, according to whom the Sovereignty Council and the ministers were dissolved on 25 October.

Interestingly, since the resignation of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok on January 3, international appeals have continued to accelerate the formation of a civilian government as soon as possible, paving the way for elections to be held in the country, as set out in the 2019 Constitutional Document.

The protests also continue, rejecting the agreement signed by Hamdok with the commander of the Armed Forces, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, last November 21 (2021), demonstrating the partnership with the military component in the temporary management of the country until the elections of the next year .

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