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Sudan: We appreciate the efforts of the tripartite mechanism to find a solution to the political crisis


Today, Thursday, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the statement released by the UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson on Sudan and welcomed the efforts of the tripartite mechanism composed of the United Nations, UNAMS, the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority for Development. (IGAD) to facilitate a solution to the political crisis in the country.

The UN statement urged all parties and interested parties in Sudan to commit in direct interviews, participate in good faith in the negotiation process and continue to work to create an environment conducive to constructive dialogue for the benefit of the Sudanese people, according to the Sudanese news agency.

Finally, the statement affirmed the Secretary General’s strong support for UNAMS efforts to reach a democratic solution, pace and prosperity in Sudan.

Absence of the main opposition parties

It ended in absence of the main opposition parties on the first day of direct political dialogue, which began Wednesday in Khartoum between the military and Sudanese parties under the aegis of the UN and Africa, to resolve the crisis in the country after the military coup.

While the representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Sudan, Volker Perthes, in press conference, stressed that “all participants recognized that absent political forces have real interests in the democratic civil transition, and their presence is necessary for the success of this dialogue”.

“Therefore, the tripartite mechanism will continue its efforts with them to get them to participate,” he added, speaking in Arabic.

Interestingly, the session on Wednesday was attended by military officials, representatives of political parties and leaders of former rebel movements.

But last Monday the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change Alliance has announced its boycott of the dialogue, and the Umma Party, the country’s largest political party, has also refused to participate due to a lack of favorable conditions.

Also absent were the members of the “resistance committees” that appeared during the 2019 protests against Omar al-Bashir, and then against the exceptional measures imposed by the armed forces on 24 October, after which Abdullah Hamdok’s government was dissolved.

Sudan has been experiencing a political crisis between the military and civilian components since last year, which was exacerbated after the imposition of these exceptional measures, which prompted the United Nations to seek convergence of views, starting a first round of political dialogue which took place indirectly, and through direct dialogue between political parties.

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