Sudan: We are checking die Possibility of a human rights lawsuit against Ethiopia because of the Renaissance dam

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi announced on Thursday that her country die Considering the possibility of contacting the United Nations Human Rights Council for calling this “Ethiopia’s measures” in Referring to the operation of the Renaissance dam.

“Sudan is using all legitimate means and instruments, including lawsuits, and we have a whole team working on it,” said the Sudanese minister in an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik”.

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi

Development of the Blue Nile region

Al-Mahdi confirmed that their country was cooperating with Ethiopia in developing the Blue Nile region and hoped the Renaissance Dam would benefit Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, but Addis unilaterally decided to die Fill reservoirs; She stressed the problem was not die Cooperation, rather die Distance from it.

The Sudanese minister said: “This is the largest hydropower plant in Africa, and we hoped it would benefit Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. We in Sudan have Ethiopia die assisted throughout the development of this Blue Nile region. But the problem is “not cooperation, but distance to cooperation. Because last year Ethiopia decided unilaterally, without an agreement with us, (Sudan and Egypt) to begin unilaterally with the filling (with tanks). But unilateral filling is for Sudan very harmful. It will have a (negative) effect on die Economy, die Security of the people and political. And there is a problem. Another serious problem is the trust problem between Sudan and Ethiopia. “

She said, “We got on die The United Nations as the highest global body in the area of ​​security has not in the question of water, rather in the question of how conflicts can be resolved peacefully. “

The Sudanese Foreign Minister added: “Ethiopia violates die Principles of good neighborliness. We expect the UN Security Council to give clear instructions to the three countries die negotiations in to resume in good faith, and that ” [الاتفاق] At full speed. We now have 122 months of fruitless negotiations; This is a direct threat to die Security of the Sudanese and Egyptians. We are waiting also on that die Show the United Nations our responsibility and make us in conclude a legal agreement in a short time. Six months is more than enough.

Ethiopia has previously officially notified Egypt and Sudan that it has started the second filling of the Renaissance Dam; What die both Arab countries as a violation of international laws and customs and as a violation of the basic agreement signed between the three countries in 2015. On June 22nd, Sudan officially turned to the UN Security Council with the request that die Situation around the Ethiopian dam, which worries Sudan and Egypt.

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