Sudan: We are ready to negotiate peacefully on the Renaissance Dam

With the continuation of the dispute over this delicate question, which had been deadlocked for years, announced die Sudanese government expresses its readiness to negotiate by all peaceful means and under the umbrella of the African Union die Resolving the question of the Renaissance Dam welcome international partners to facilitate the negotiation process.

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq confirmed that die Position of her country had found an internal national consensus and a regional and international understanding because it was logical, as she put it.

She added that her country was looking forward to reaching a binding agreement on how before the surgery and the second filling die official Sudanese news agency reported on Sunday.

An important American role

She stated that die United States played an important role in mediating die solved technical and legal issues and in the negotiations in Washington made progress, noting that few items related to the legal agreement were over die Filling and operation as well as some technical issues are unresolved.

She also said that die The surprise of Ethiopia’s withdrawal from what was previously agreed.

The minister pointed out die the United States’ great and hoped-for role in political and diplomatic pressure on Ethiopia, and stressed that die Sudan’s response to die African Union initiative proves its seriousness.

Sudan: We are ready to negotiate peacefully on the Renaissance Dam

Renaissance Dam (Reuters)

Egypt emphasizes die Constants

Yesterday, the Egyptian Minister of Irrigation, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty his will, die Continue negotiations to reach a just and binding agreement.

At the same time he emphasized die Constants of his country in safeguarding his water rights and achieving a benefit for all in any future deal and pointed to die Need to reach a just legal settlement. He made it clear that all measures without legal agreement and without coordination with the two downstream countries are a unilateral act that is rejected.

A satellite image of the Renaissance Dam (Reuters)

A satellite image of the Renaissance Dam (Reuters)

Escalation of tension

In the middle of last month, Ethiopia accused Egypt and Sudan of “undue pressure” by various means, including internationalizing and politicizing the technical issues of the Dam Act.

It is noteworthy that die Tensions between Ethiopia on the one hand and Egypt and Sudan on the other escalated when Addis Ababa set the deadline for July die announced second filling of the dam.

The tripartite negotiations failed because Addis Ababa insisted on not signing a legally binding agreement and only exchanging data on the dam.

It is noteworthy that the renaissance dam, the construction of which began in 2011 in northwest Ethiopia, has since created a tension between the three countries: While Addis Ababa considers it important to meet the energy needs of its 110 million inhabitants, Egypt and Sudan fear die it gets their water needs in affect in a certain way.

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