Sudanese Army Accuses Rapid Support Forces of Using Children in Conflict: Violation of International Law

After new intense bombings in the capital Khartoum and violent clashes, the Sudanese army accused the Rapid Support Forces of using children under 15 in the conflict between the two sides of the country today, Saturday.

The Sudanese Armed Forces considered what the RSF did “a clear violation of international and humanitarian law”.

“criminals attracted to and escaped from prisons”

The official spokesman for the military also said in tweets posted by the media Army servicemen on Twitter that the rapid support forces have lured a number of criminals and escapees from prisons and used them as combatants to carry out what it called “criminal operations”.

The Army has confirmed that it is continuing to strike the Rapid Support Forces in all locations in which he is stationed in the whole country, describing the operational situation as “stable”.

This comes as the war between the army and the rapid support forces has entered its fourth month with no looming resolution, despite pressure from international and regional sides.

The Agency/Al-Hadath correspondent reported on Friday evening that the east and south of the capital have seen considerable calm, with some intermittent clashes in the east.

He added that the capital has witnessed artillery shelling, as the sounds of explosions resounded, noting that in city ​​a state of calm and quiet prevailed.

He also explained that after the Army targeted rapid support sites, the vicinity of the Army General Command witnessed attacks launched by the rapid support forces from the eastern side, as they shelled a number of sites on that front.

The importance of controlling the headquarters of the Sudanese Army’s armored corps and rapid support forces

3 thousand dead

Interestingly, since the conflict between the two sides broke out on April 15, the war between the two military leaders has resulted in the deaths of at least three thousand people and the displacement of more than 3 million people, both inside and outside the country.

While the two sides have reached several ceasefire agreements brokered by Saudi Arabia, the negotiations that took place in Jeddah were suspended last month after the two sides in conflict they exchanged allegations of violation of the armistice.

The battles are concentrated in the capital, Khartoum, in its suburbs and in the Darfur region, in the west of the country, where a quarter of Sudan’s 48 million inhabitants live.

While the army targeted support sites and a number of supply buses with drones, noting that areas of Khartoum, Bahri, Omdurman and even North Kordofan witnessed clashes on Friday.

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