Sudanese media: Clashes between security and armed movement in a neighborhood of Khartoum

Today, Wednesday, the Al-Sudani newspaper quoted a security source that clashes with live ammunition occurred in the Soba neighborhood of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, between the armed security forces constituted by the police and Rapid Support, and affiliated forces. to one movement, which the source suggested was the Tamazuj movement.

The source added that the clashes occurred after armed movement forces refused to leave a housing complex they had chosen as their headquarters after signing the agreement. pace by Juba.

The source explained that the regular forces were bringing the order to evacuate the housing complex.

And Sudanese police have announced the arrest of gunmen who opened fire on a joint force campaign in the suburb of Soba, southeast of Khartoum.

Police explained that the joint forces, recently formed by the Security and Defense Council to establish security, had organized a prevention campaign in thearea of Soba, but were targeted by unarmed people before being checked and arrested.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that there were clashes between the security services and the gunmen, while a Revolutionary Front coalition source denied the militants’ affiliation with any of the movements they signed. the agreement of pace by Juba.

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