Sudanese officials drowned in Wadi Halfa because of bad weather

The bad weather conditions led to the sinking of a boat with security officers in the village of Wadi Halfa, die were on their way to meet the Sudanese Customs Director and Minister of Infrastructure at the Arqin Junction.

The boat carried the Halfa Locality Executive Director, Passport Director, Police Director and members of the Security Committee. Some of them were lost, others survived.

The Sudanese authorities deployed Egyptian rescue teams die Rescue passengers on the boat.

The poor weather conditions contributed to the sinking of the boat without the Sudanese rescue teams die Accompanied the delegation.

A Sudanese police source in the northern state confirmed to La Arabiya and Al-Hadath that at least three officers were killed in an accident in which a boat sank in the Nile in Wadi Halfa in northern Sudan.

The source said the boat carried 13 members of the local safety committee, 5 of whom went missing, indicating that the boat’s driver was injured due to the engine and die The body of the Executive Director of Halfa was found just so far.

The source indicated that die River rescue teams roam the Nile to find the rest of the bodies, led by the director of customs intelligence and police and army personnel.

The source stated that the customs director in Halfa, the assistant prosecutor and the anti-smuggling officer along with five others survived the accident.

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